Shri Pardeep Dixit is a graduate in Electrical engineering of Mumbai University and has 30 years vast and varied experience in Transformer manufacturing. After graduation Mr Dixit had worked with Cromption Greaves and Bharat Bijlee Ltd at their Transformer Divisions where he held various responsible senior positions. His functional expertise inter alia includes corporate finance, marketing and technology development.

The experience and the business acumen which Shri Dixit gained over the years has made him to start his own company with a group of Engineers having vast experience in Transformer Design, Development, Production, Quality Control and Servicing. By sheer dint of his hard work, proven management, leadership and innovative skills to build and inspired Shri Dixit could lead the company to the present stature.

Urja Techniques (India) Pvt Ltd. was initially incorporated as a Private Company in the year 1996 in the State of Maharashtra by converting the erstwhile partnership firm named as "TC Electricals" which was established in the year 1990 by Shri Pradeep Dixit.

It is important to note that the company has over the recent years, transformed and established itself as a key player in transformer manufacturing. From being a generic partnership firm, the company has emerged as a leading service and solution provider with core capabilities  in its chosen segment. This is a singular achievement indeed.

Shri Dixit is the recipient of MSME National Award 2008 Government of India for his Outstanding Entrepreneurship.

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